Blogging Tutorial

From Masq

So you want to start a blog? Good choice! Handily, it's fairly simple, as well.

First, blog pages should be named the same as your character, in the Blog namespace. I.e., Bob's blog would be at Blog:Bob. So, pop your character's name in this box here, and away you go! It should be prefilled with the name you use to log in to the wiki; if the name of your character is something else, please put the PC's name in the box instead.


When your new page loads, you'll see something like this:

| title = The title of your blog -- Bob's Blog, or Notes from ABQ, or whatever you want to call it.
| author = The name you're posting under.

Title is whatever you want the blog to be known as. Author is whatever YOU want to be known as. This can be your character's real name if you wish, but it doesn't need to be.

You only need to create this page once; it serves as the 'main' page of your blog, and will automatically update when you make posts.

Blog entries should be within the 'Blog' namespace and named in Character - Title style, i.e., Blog:Bob - Who Moved My Cheesburger?

You can easily begin an entry by using this form:


Put your character name in the first box, and your post title in the second. When your new page loads, you'll see something like this:

| post_date = IC date of post, MM/DD/YYYY
| poster = The name (possibly pseudonym) you post under.
| entry = Blog entry goes here -- you should be able to format it like any normal wiki text.

Please put your dates in exactly the format specifed — there may be code that depends on it.