Blood Bonds

From Masq
From the thoughts of Consequence:
Okay, I've always thought that blood bonds were very often misunderstood so let me break it down for you, as I see it. First off, it only takes a sip to bond someone. A full blood point makes a ghoul. So you can taste without being ghouled.

Now, what does each step mean?

(stolen wholesale from [1])

First Drink
The drinker begins to experience intermittent but strong feelings about the vampire. She may dream of him, or find herself "coincidentally" frequenting places where he might show up.
Second Drink
The drinker's feelings grow strong enough to influence her behavior. Though she is not enslaved by the vampire, he is definitely an important figure in her life. She may act as she pleases, but might have to make a Willpower roll to take actions directly harmful to the vampire.
Third Drink
Full scale Blood Bond. The vampire is the most important person in the life of the drinker; lovers, relatives, and even children become tertiary to her all-consuming passion.
Resisting blood bond and you:
WP VS 8 need to score at least the number of successes as times you've fed in order to resist. Then burn 1 WP roll. This is for /each/ command to be resisted.
Ending Blood Bond and you:
The bond weakens at a loss of 1 point per month of non-feeding until it dissolves. Those who wish to keep the bond strong must continue to supply blood to the thrall.

I also suggest anyone considering, or currently blood bound, to read over this essay on the subject. Whoever wrote that is much more eloquent than myself.