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Rio Grande Botanic Garden — Dayzone — Albuquerque

  Just a short walk across the courtyard from the Aquarium, you can take in the beauty of the Rio Grande Botanic Garden, which offers a symphony of color, texture, scent and sound for every visitor. Plants -- beautiful, fascinating, and fun -- are Earth's fundamental natural resource, without which we could not survive. The Garden's state-of-the-art glass conservatories filter heat-producing UV rays and flowers bloom year round -- with xeric species in the Desert Pavilion and aromatic species in the Mediterranean Pavilion.
  A trio of formal walled gardens salutes Old World design in fountains, tile, herbs and roses, while the whimsical Children's Fantasy Garden receives its fair share of visitors. Though the Garden is especially beautiful in the summer, every December, the entire place is transformed by a wonderful display of lights and animation called the "River of Lights," making it a popular family destination.

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