From Masq

Cantina Info:
There is an ATM machine in the Lounge.

The Cantina is discreetly under camera surveillance. (The true forms and true actions of Obfuscated characters will show up on this camera.)

This is a bar which is subject to the laws of the state. You will not be served liquor until you puke, pass out, or become a danger to yourself or others. You will be politely, yet firmly, expelled out into the street. If you seem incapable of getting home on your own, a cab will be called for you. In that same vein, characters under age 21 are prohibited from sitting at the bar (even if they are not drinking). If you are under 21, you will not be served liquor in this establishment, so please pose accordingly. Smithers does "Card!"

Likewise, the Cantina is not a hotel. If you pose your character is sleeping on a table, the restaurant's staff would gently wake you up and suggest you take yourself home.

And last, but not least, while staff is tolerant of a certain amount of rowdiness, arguing, and insulting, they will certainly boot offenders out if they seem to be escalating to a physical confrontation, or disturbing the peace of the rest of the customers.