Cantina Lounge/Places

From Masq

The brown leather couch:
Soft and brown like a comfortable bomber jacket, this large leather couch sprawls out in the center of the dimly-lit room. The back seems firm and inviting, while the cushions allow one to sink down and relax. The pleasant smell of worn leather drifts pleasantly into your nostrils.

The oversized recliner:
This recliner seems to be a top-of-the-line La-Z-Boy, complete with foot rest, the ultimate in lounge furniture. Its worn leather surface seems comfortable and inviting. A convenient armrest provides drink holders.

The comfortable loveseat:
Cushy and plush, this loveseat lurks in a darkened corner of the lounge. Upholstered in soft fabrics, the loveseat is an ideal lounging surface. A throw rug is draped over its back and a tiny polished wooden end table sits right next to it.

The wooden poker table:
This wooden table has seen many friendly -- and not so friendly -- poker games. A large ace of spades has been carved into its surface, and covered with a section of plexiglass. The comfortable chairs surrounding the table have leather backs and well-worn armrests.

The pool table upholstered in red felt:
This pool table is richly upholstered in red felt. Polished and sleek, it nevertheless seems to get a lot of use. Pool cues hang on the wall just behind it and sleek balls are already racked up in a triangle on its surface. Groups of people cluster around it, watching games in progress or lining up to try their own luck.