Central Lanes/BowlingHelp

From Masq

Welcome to Central Lanes Bowling! The bowling code is fully automated and there are just a few commands you need to know listed below. Also, this is a simplified version of bowling so your scores may or may not be exactly what you'd expect. It is, however, based on your actual stats. To bowl, you must join one of the lanes. Each game will cost you $3 per person per game.

.start game	This starts a new game at your lane.
.add <name>	This adds <name> to your game. NOTE: Once a player is added to
		your game, they have access to all the commands.
.kick <name>	This kicks <name> from your game. Useful for people who leave
		IC or go link-dead on their turn.
.new game	Creates a new game using the same players.
.bowl		Rolls the ball on your turn.
.score		Checks your lane's score.
.score <number>	Checks the score of another lane.
.reset		Clears a lane and makes it ready for bowling.