Character Page Tutorial

From Masq

So you want to make your own character page, and you want to use the same nifty layout you've seen on most of the other pages, eh? Well, luckily, it's not that difficult.

You'll need a wiki account, so go ahead and make that first. You can use any name you like for your wiki account name-- you don't need to use your character's name.

For our examples, let's say your character's name is Bob -- that's the name you log in with -- and his full name is Robert Quincy Roberts.

NOTE: If, at this point, you should discover that a retired character shared your character name (for example, if there's already a 'Bob' page), please ask Jai to move it to make room for you.

  • Paste in {{subst:PC|Your Full Name}} -- in this case, it would be {{subst:PC|Robert Quincy Roberts}}
  • Click the 'save page' button at the bottom of your page.

Okay! You've completed step one. You'll probably notice that instead of the nifty array of information, though, your page has a lot of red links to things like Bob/Infobox. A red link means a page doesn't exist yet. In step two, we'll create those subpages by importing their templates. That will set each of them up for you to fill out. Step two is also important.

  • Click the edit tab on your own page. Scroll down, and you'll see a list, "Templates used on this page", and below it each of your sections, with its own (edit) link behind it.
  • Click (edit) behind YourName/Allies.
  • Paste in {{subst:Allies}}
  • Save the page.
  • Click back to the edit tab of your main page.
  • Repeat the above for each subpage, pasting in the following:
    • YourName/Description: {{subst:Description}}
    • YourName/Gallery: {{subst:Gallery}}
    • YourName/Infobox: {{subst:Infobox|Name}} (i.e., {{subst:Infobox|Bob}}
    • YourName/Introduction: {{subst:Introduction|Name}} (i.e., {{subst:Introduction|Bob}}
    • YourName/Playlist: {{subst:Playlist}}
    • YourName/Quotes: {{subst:Quotes}}
    • YourName/RP Hooks: {{subst:RP Hooks}}
    • YourName/RP Logs: {{subst:RP Logs}}

Be sure to go back in to your Gallery page and change the names of the images -- i.e., Name1.jpg to Bob1.jpg, and so on.

If all's gone well, you've created your page! Now get to editing in the proper information!