Charles - Let's Get Soaking Wet

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IC:  11/20/2012
RL: 02/10/2012

Manzano Mobile Home Park -- Entryway -- Albuquerque

A pair of tacky plastic pink flamingos guard the swaying chain gate to the park, which is usually down. A faded sign proudly proclaims this to be "Manzano Mobile Home Park." The fence around the park is high, and looks to have been recently replaced.

Just past the gate is what looks to be the trailer serving as the manager's office. Through the dingy window, which is covered in a thick layer of dust, various items for sale can be seen: soaps, cigarettes, detergents, dusty boxes of Pop Tarts, bread, milk and other minor necessities of life. There is a cash register and an old computer with a dusty printer which are presumably used to bill people for their weekly rent. There is a security camera attached discreetly to the outside of the trailer, presumably to monitor the comings and goings around the park.

The winding lane which forms the main -- and only -- thoroughfare of the park is a collection of gravel, dust, and children's toys. Trailers rest, lean and rust on either side, in designated lots.

The gang jogs along but eventually slow to a walk as they near the trailer park. Bill has his phone out and is trying to punch in some numbers without smearing his phone. "I'm going to call Mrs. Fairburn. And Reagan. And Anna." He's calling all his ladies! He seems amped up, but mostly containing himself as he goes.

"Who's Anna?" Damian asks while taking things out of his pockets to put in his flea market bag for safe keeping that way stuff doesn't get wet when we get down to the Totally Not Gay All Man Hose Bath.

Charles strips off his shirt and pants, leaving himself in tight black biker shorts. Everything else he's left in Jack's trailer and prances around Jack's trailer. When he notices someone in a car out ground, he flexes for the lady, all goofy smiles. "Let's start a car wash!"

Talk about a Kodak Moment! If anyone took a video of this on their cellphone it would definitely go viral. This ragtag group of vagabonds is clearly giving the trailer park a bad name! They look like refugees from a labor camp! But not for long as Jack heads over to his garden hose, turns on the water and sprays himself with it. "AHHHHHHH!"

Bill seems to get voice mail. "Hey there, it's uh, me. I need you to call me, like, soon as you can. Okay. Bye," he says then hangs up his phone and starts pains-taking fishing through his mish-mash of contacts. "Anna? She's new. I doubt you've met her yet but can't miss her. She's like a giant amazon lady with long blonde hair." Then his phone is back to his ear as he listens for an answer.

Apparently Bill has never seen an Amazonian.

"Oop," says Charles, trying to get his hands all over Jack's hose and rub his hands up and down it's length. He just can't wait to have it. "Is she black and violent?"

"I will keep an eye out for big amazon chicks." Damian says, and sheds his nice shirt and pants as well. "Damn it, I should probably burn these or something. I really liked that shirt too." He eyes Jack's hose like it were a monster and says as though his ears should be laid flat back, "Go on, get this horrible thing over with. Do it! Do it noooow!" The last of that is said in a Govenator accent. And when he *does* end up getting the hose, he's going to scream like a little girl and dance around and fucking HATE THIS SO MUCH.

Lilian opens the door and gets out of the BMW Vixen. Lilian has arrived. This is probably the day Lilian has been dreaming of.

Jack's ears perk up at the mention of 'Anna' and he starts to hose off whoever steps over. "Anna? Yeah, you sure can't miss her. She's pretty hot." He puts his thumb over the nozzle to help the spray shoot out faster. Especially on Charles. Ohyeah. He makes sure Charles gets as much as he can handle...and a little more. Then he sets his sights on Damian. Apparently he's ready to please. Jack's hose shows no mercy as it assaults Damian!

Over at Jack's trailer are the four men. Jack, Charles and Damian are all in various stages of undress with Jack hosing them down with the ... hose. Damian is screaming like a little girl and dancing around, as he hates this so much! And Charles is getting a face-full of Jack's hose after rubbing it provokatively. Bill, meanwhile, is stately. Above all of this! He's fully clothes and ... covered in something nasty. And he's on the phone! "Yeah, hey, it's uh, me. You know my number. Give me a call." With that, he hangs up with a sigh. "Can't get ANYONE," he gripes.

"Yeah, get that filthy guy all wet, Jack," sneers Charles with a grin. "Then do me. Do me." When he gets the hose, Charles closes his eyes and squints his face and then, because he can't help it, he Flash dance poses.

Damian DOES NOT WANT. Afterwards he flees into Jack's trailer like a little girl, a big black little girl in boxer shorts! Presumably he's going to go steal a towel, not pee on Jack's bed for the aquatic crimes just committed against him.

Lilian steps out of her RV and takes a seat on one of the fold-down steps. She smokes a cigarette and watches the boys play with their hoses. Niiiiice. She does have a little grin on her face, amused by their public display of affection towards eachother.

Once Jack's done with Charles and Damian, he waits for Bill to put down his cellphone, get on over here and take it like a man! He washes off the guy, getting him as clean as the others and...once the deed is done he drops the hose and turns off the water. He runs his hands through his wet hair then shakes his head like a dog, drying it. "Man, that feels better!"

Bill takes his valuables out of his pockets. The phone looks to be about the most valuable thing, followed by a wallet, knife, and keys. Then he starts taking his various clothes off. "Oh maaaan," he gripes when he looks at his leather jacket and the state it's in. He doesn't make much of a fuss about stripping down (other than complaining about the sorry state of his clothes), then presents himself for the hosing down. But Bill is a macho man from Canada! He's not going let a little cold water slow him down! But boy, that's cold. It's easy to tell he's holding in his discomfort. But boys will be boys.

While the water drips down his lithe frame, Charles whips his hair back and forth and bends over slightly to make sure he cleans out his long hair too. And then it's back to rubbing his palms over his smooth nude torso and turns around to make sure his back is clean too, wiping the water off with the blade of his hand. And flicks his hand at Bill just to add to his water. He then reaches to collect his hair and with canted head, turns and squeezes to get some water out. "I wish we had water toys. ... or a car wash."

Damian comes out of Jack's trailer wearing Jack's clothes! Either that or he suddenly got into the paramedic field, cause he's stolen one of his EMT t shirts and some v. stylish sweat pants. None of which fits him well, being a tall skinny dude like he is. He's also stolen his blanket, because he's soggy and cold and it SUCKS. "We deserve beers." he opines to the gang from his lofty height on the steps.

Lilian just kicks back and watches the show, slightly amused.

Stripping off his t-shirt, Jack slowly wrings out the water, his muscles in his arms and chest shimmering under the moonlit sky. He's still in his jeans at the moment but seeing how wet they are, it's only a matter of time until they'll be off too. He chuckles at Damian. "There's some beers in the fridge. Help yourself. I see you've already helped yourself to my clothes and blanket. Maybe I should order a pizza or something. I don't know about any of you guys but I'm fuckin' /starved/."

"Starving," Naked Bill agrees as he takes the hose and starts spraying down his clothes to get the gunk off. He gives his long, curly locks a shake, sending little droplets scattering. Then he turns the hose on Charles, giving him a spray, which amuses him greatly. It probably amuses Charles too. My, what a fit bunch they are! And all wet too, drops rolling down their skin. And so many shades from Damian's mocha, through Charles and Bill's olive and Jack's white. Bill's got a large tattoo spread over the back of his shoulders as well. The other boys may be inked up too.

Squeezing out his hair he flops it wetly against his back and then squeals with amused delight as he's sprayed. He turns his eyes on Bill's hose. A fight breaks out for spraying control, only Charles is armed with both hands. Does Bill dare? Does. He. DARE?!

Does he dare what?

"Yes. And make them put extra pepperoncinis in the box. ON PAIN OF DEATH OR NON-TIPPING." Damian says before whirling around dramatically in Jack's blanket and stalking back into the trailer to raid that beer stash and flee the hose fight that's getting started. And Damian is inked up but he was jumping around a lot and now he's all dressed. The highlights of that action are a big black spiral of foreign text on his back, and a big butterfly or something on either peck. And the one on his cheek of course, but that's never covered up anyways.

Lilian just smokes her cigarette and watches the boys play. Free entertainment. Better than cable, that's for sure.

There are no tattoos on Jack torso. Not one. His skin is smooth and flawless with no tats in sight. Maybe he has some farther down? He slips down his drenched jeans to reveal...wet white briefs. Doesn't look like there's any tats to be seen on his legs either. He heads over to the porch, hanging his t-shirt and jeans on the railing so they can dry off. Jack doesn't seem interested in any impending water fight at the moment. He just seems happy to be back home and starts up the steps also. "Bill, don't get your phone wet. I don't know much about those damn things but I do know that if you get it wet it won't work right." Oh, it's ringing. He goes to pick it up. "Hello? This is Bill's answering service."

"Yeah, get it," Bill encourages Jack, as he's got his hands full of hose as the fight over the nozzle. Oops, Lilian gets sprayed. Probably not too badly as it has to arc up and over to her lot, but the sprinkling is incoming! Bill doesn't seem to notice as he gets a face-full of water.

Charles doesn't seem to mind Bill's nudity. Instead he goes for the cheap shot, a backhand to Bill's junk with the obligatory, "CUP CHECK!" just to get Bill's grip a little lose and shaky, enough to cause the business end of that nozzle to spray innocent by-standers. Normally Charles would run after issuing a back hand to Bill's bit and tackle, but he's distracted, pointing and laughing at Lilian.

Lilian mutters as she gets sprayed, and the amusement is done. She stands up and starts wondering off towards the exit of the park, brushing the water off her jacket as best she can. Guess she's not up for getting all wet with these boys. They just don't do it for her.

That's because they don't pay to play. Well, Charles might. Oh yeah, Charles would.

On the porch, Jack continues to speak into the phone. "Anna! Hello!" Jack sounds both quite fatigued yet happy to hear from her. "Yeah, we're over at my place. We' up. Bill was probably calling to fill you in. Where are you?" He mouths to Bill, "It's Anna."

Damian, meanwhile, continues to ransack Jack's home and stay away from the outside air. Probably still wearing his blankie too, like a great big wuss.

Bill oofs as Charles goes for the cheap shot on his floppy-bits. But that just earns him a tackle! While Charles is distracted by laughing at Lilian, Bill lowers his shoulders and wrap-tackles Charles to the ground. It's on grass and it's wet, but there might be some gravel there to land on. Just a couple guys rolling around wraslin' naked. Totally normal. Bill is oblivious to Jack's mouthings, as it were.

Charles gives a Wilhelm scream as he's tackled and goes down to the grass with a solid thud. But then it's the beginning of something good old natured guys, one naked the other nearly so, beginning to wrestle on the lawn that's slowly turning more mud then grass. But the out come looks predetermined, Charles is going to lose sooner than later.

Jack just keeps leaning up against the doorframe in his Hanes, holding the phone up to his ear. He grins watching Bill and Charles, shaking his head. ""Cellphones /suck/. Actually it was -three- steamrollers. Once we get cleaned up we'll fill you in. Are you going to be at the house for a while?" He listens then frowns suddenly. "NO, don't you go there. Wait until we can talk to you."

Damian reappears long enough to deliver a beer to Jack, and then goes back to fondling his personal possessions and reading his diary.

Lilian leaves the trailer park for the street. Lilian has left.

This would be the perfect time for COPS to show up to film live as the events are happening. They would look like the perfect trail-trash. Jack in his dundies up on the porch, Charles and Bill rolling around in the mud, probably with a "WHY ARE YOU HITTING YOURSELF!" going on. And the aloof black-man lurking in the background.

Damian is just there to steal your stuff and molest your women, ya'll.

Too bad they're all occupied with some crazy warehouse explosion. After they've had their fun, Bill pops back up, and keeps a hand protectively covering his junk. Not from view, but from cup-checks. He just undid all his cleaning, splattering in mud as he is, but he's grinning ear to ear. "How's that pizza coming along?"

Jack nods a thanks to Damian as he takes the beer and he chugs it down, Adam's apple bobbing. He's one -thirsty- dude! Into the phone he says, "One of us will be by the house soon. Just hang tight until we get there. Yeah. Okay. Bye." He shuts off the phone and looks over at Bill and Charles. "Now that I have all the junk off, I'm gonna take a proper shower now. Help yourselves to stuff in the fridge. I'll be a little while." Uh oh. Everyone knows what /that/ means. He heads into the trailer.

Charles woos, loudly after getting his just desserts this time and shakes his head to clear it. He too is smiling and takes a moment to get his feet back underneath him. "Pizza, yeah," he murmurs, a strand of wet, muddy hair clinging under a bruised cheek. "I'm starved!", he slip-slides a little but doesn't fall down.