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Name: Dr. Chelsea Rose

Nationality: British
Occupation: Mathematician, Chess Grandmaster
Demeanor: Competitor
Apparent Age: 25

Post-Nominals: B.S. (Columbia), Ph.D., D.Sc. (Oxon.), GM

RP Hooks
  • Chelsea loves Football. She supports West Ham United.
  • Chelsea is a certified Grandmaster, and always ready for a game of chess.
  • She is extremely competitive and can be a sore loser.
  • Chelsea was a child maths prodigy, and has a doctorate in mathematics from Oxford. Her focus was number theory, and her thesis was on the Riemann Hypothesis. It's safe to say I'm game for any kind of academic RP!
  • Chelsea can be easily fascinated by seemingly simple things. If I pose her staring intently at a lamp, she's not catatonic, she's just imagining the math behind how it works, and coming up with ideas in her head on how to make it better... which she will promptly forget.
“When asked, 'How is that you pick better moves than your opponents?,' I responded: I'm very glad you asked me that, because, as it happens, there is a very simple answer. I think up my own moves, and I make my opponent think up his.” -- Alexander Alekhine
Physical Description

Chelsea stands a diminutive five-foot-four with a slender build. Her wild mane of black hair hanging long over her shoulders, deep chocolate-colored eyes, and light brown skin hint at an Indian ethnic background. She has high cheekbones, and her lips appear soft and full. When she speaks, it's with a hint of a British accent.

Allies and Contacts
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