From Masq
Name: Consequence

Nationality: Canuckistanian
Occupation: Horror Weaver
Demeanor: Super Cute Zombie Cat!
Apparent Age: Undead

Nickname: Ahhhhhhhh!


And This Is What Happens When Things Go Awry..
The Man Behind The Zombie Cat
Dashing and daring, Ravenous and sharing, Famished and needy, With stories to share. All through the forest, They call out in chorus, Marching along, As the cries fill the air.
Zombie Cats!! Pouncing here and there and everywhere. High adventure that's beyond compare. He is the Zombie Cat!

Sung to the Gummie Bears theme song..

Expectations of my Fellow Minions
Hi everybody.

I just want to take a minute to introduce myself to you officially. My name is Consequence and I'll be one of your hosts here, by now some of you've likely had a little interaction with me, and got the gist of what I'm trying to create here, (even if you haven't or don't) but let's go a bit further. A bit more personal.

I've been staff on various games for the last 6 years off and on. I started on Shadowrun games and moved to WoD where I got stuck about 4 years ago. I've staffed vampire previously, staffed mortal, and have been Chief Story Teller.

That being said I will not be playing a character here, only staffing, as I think one probably shouldn't eat where they game. Another thing, if I'm online feel free to page me. I'll try my best to never set myself dark, and as long as your requests are reasonable and if I say 'busy, gimme 5' you respect that we'll be good. I'm easy going, gentle, and most importantly here for your fun as much as my own. I'll take suggestions. If you don't like the way the game is heading, you don't like something I've done, anything feel free to call me out on it. I'll listen, I'll evaluate and maybe even change. If I screw up a rule, tell me. Don't feel you're being a laywer, it's only a fair game if we all live by the same rules and expectations. If I fuck up call me on it, and expect the same from me to you. We're all adults here. I will treat you like one as long as you treat me like one.

Lastly and the most important one, don't ask me for anything 'special'. The answer is no. I believe most strongly in fairness and I can't give someone something that I wouldn't give to someone else. That being said if because of your character acts you earn something, that is totally different. You can't be the Prince. You can't have a billion dollars. CG limits are CG limits. They may change as the game goes on, but for now it's a level playing field across.

If you have any questions hit me up. Thanks guys. (That goes to non vampire players too. I can staff anything and am willing to answer whatever I can whenever I'm on, don't be shy)