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Name: Corey McCullough

Full name: Corey McCullough
Occupation: Photographer
Age: 28
Height: 6'1"
Played by: Guillaume Dolmans

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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

There's a messy mop of dark red hair on this guy's head. He's probably in his late twenties, maybe his early thirties. There are some signs of general hard living on his face and body; he's wiry and strong-looking, with cords of muscle in his arms and legs. He's kind of skinny, probably around six feet tall and maybe one hundred and seventy pounds. He could be attractive if he cleaned up a little bit, but there are a few smudges of dirt on his forehead and face, as well as some matting in his hair. His hair would make for good dreadlocks, if a little odd in that they'd be ginger.

He's dressed in a t-shirt with a frowny face emoticon on it, hanging down to a pair of faded old jeans, once blue and now a sort of light, near-white color on account of being worn so often. The jeans are torn at the bottom from being trod underfoot of his worn out Converse All-Stars. He has a black vinyl dog collar around his throat with a tag hanging from it that reads 'Sparky.' There's an old brass ring on his left ring finger, into which are carved the letters 'J' and 'C'.

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Friends and Enemies of Modern Corey
Jenna m2.jpg My wench. I make her wear a tag that says 'Property of Corey McCullough.