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Name: Courtney Matthew Adrieux

Occupation: Owner of The Roadhouse
Demeanor: Reveler
Apparent Age: Early/Mid Twenties

Nickname: Court
"Hell is empty and all the devils are here"
~ William Shakespeare
RP Hooks
  • Bar Owner & Barfly - Once a bartender and now a bar owner, Court is a frequent sight at almost any bar in the city. Of course, the seedier the better, but he's no stranger to the flashier joints in town.
  • Crime - He works for 'people' and he knows 'people'. More importantly, he'll do almost anything if you ask him right (monetary contributions accepted of course).
  • Southern Born - Court is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana but he's no stranger to other portions of the state (Shreveport specifically). Tag on for a hook if you like.
  • Politics - Courts aunt is none other than the governor of Louisiana. Scandal is always fun!
  • Anything - I dig RP. Look me up!

More to come soon.

A Glimpse Within
Allies and Contacts
Molly (NPC)
Vixen.jpg She's a commanding presence, which is admittedly a pretty nice change from the clusterfuck that I've watched dancing around for the past couple years. Maybe times are changing. Nate-icon.jpg I don't know him well enough to say how much I like him. Molly thinks he's a snappy dresser though. She never appreciated my taste. Molly-npc.jpg She never shuts up. Never. Not even death can silence her incessant nagging.