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Name: Christine "Crystal" Sherry Black

Nationality: American
Occupation: Stripper "Matron" at Club Dusty Rose, Peter's strip club.
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Apparent Age: 19


"My wealth is between my thighs, I know that. But that doesn't mean my brain is."

"When age makes me no longer pretty, I want a strongbox full of diamond tennis bracelets and sapphire earrings to spend."

"I'd like to move someplace with fewer cockroachs - both human and insect."

RP Hooks

Note: Crystal is a tease. Crystal's player tries not to be. I don't TS. I'll do a pose or two that covers the 'character' side of the sex, but not anything intended to make the players horny. I don't like romance RP, included unrequited romance RP. Please contact me if you want to have a romance that involves Crystal.

  • Are you horny and visit strip clubs?
  • Are you involved in vice?
  • Are you involved in fighting vice?

Crystal works at Peter's strip club

  • This space for rent
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Crystal is a tall, slender woman. Brunette hair falls almost to her waist, in soft waves. Her face is oval, her cheekbones prominent, her eyes the dominant feature of her face. They are clearly outlined in dark liner and demarked with strongly arched eyebrows.

She wears spray-on hot pants, just long enough to completely cover her butt, in a brilliant red. Her shoes are black, with high stiletto heels and criss-cross strapping over her feet. Her top is mesh lace, opaque only over the breasts themselves. Her body is thus clearly displayed - and it's well-toned and groomed, the way only someone who lives by their body can afford to keep it.

Allies and Contacts
A handsome man. The silence of the...
... lions?

A very pretty brunette woman. Dear oh dear me.
How can anyone be so naive?
A remarkably ugly male face. Mixing business with pleasure can cause trouble,
but sometimes it's worth doing anyway.