Dunkin Donuts/Description

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Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins Express - Albuquerque

 Orange and Pink. One half of the room, separated from the other by a low faux-wood barrier, is a donut shop; the other is an ice cream parlour. The perfect fusion of American junk foods. On the donut side, a bright display board with sandwich offerings, beverage options, and donut flavors lights the two-station counter below. The other side of the barrier is dedicated to the equally sweet art of ice cream confection. Three large coolers, with sloped glass fronts for easy viewing, have been filled with 31 bins of brightly colored ice cream. Flavor boards, price lists, and pictures of fabulous ice cream cakes are mounted above the cash register. A gentle pattern of orange and pink splotches dances across the white background of the wallpaper, giving the whole store a cheerful and gaudy feel, and tables and chairs have been neatly arranged on both sides of the shop to provide donut eaters and ice creamers a comfortable place to sit.

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Obvious exits:
Central Avenue <O>