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A sign near the cash register reads: "Please wait for flashing green light &/or buzzer signaling next available cashier."

Food Facts:
A large sign tacked to the wall offers up the following fun food facts:

 ~*~The Frontier Restaurant:~*~
 * makes approximately 600 dozen tortillas per day (7200 pieces)
 * sells 7200 sweet rolls per week
 * sells 4600 breakfast burritos per week
 * fries 5400 lbs. of hash browns per week
 * squeezes 19,500 oranges per week

Wayne Art:
Works of Southwestern-themed art created by local and nationally-known artists are permanent fixtures on the walls. Of course, the Frontier is most famous for the numerous unique portraits and three-dimensional images of John Wayne, which can be found everywhere around the restaurant. "The Duke" is a pillar of class and strength, a perfect symbol of everything that the Frontier Restaurant represents here in "Duke City."

Sweet Roll:
You've never tasted cinnamon rolls until you've had one of our famous Frontier Sweet Rolls! Huge, covered with gooey glaze, and piping hot, they are a "Sweet" deal at only $1.19 each! Taste what everyone has been raving about! You'll keep coming back for more!

OOC Notes:
OOC/IC FYI: There is no "waitstaff" here. The Frontier is open 24/7 and you go up, order your food at the cashier, then wait for your number to be called, and pick up your order. Please do not pose waitstaff, as there is none. Thank you.