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“People think that I must be a very strange person. This is not correct. I have the heart of a small boy. It is in a glass jar on my desk.”
—Stephen King


Geoffrey Pickering is the host of a late night talk radio show called Bump in the Night. Designed in the same vein as Coast to Coast AM, it focuses on issues such as the paranormal, conspiracy theories, and Fortean Events. Geoff is also known for his paranormal investigations, and has recorded a few one-off television specials of his ghost hunting excursions. Rumor has it there are talks ongoing to turn the show into a weekly series for the local TV market.

  RP Hooks

  Geoff regularly takes callers on his show to keep the discussion moving.

  Have you witnessed or been the victim of a supernatural event or phenomenon? Are you a former DoD contractor who knows the truth about 9/11? Is your upstairs neighbor's apartment haunted by the ghost of The Cat Lady and her spectral feline minions? These are silly examples, but Geoff takes paranormal investigations seriously, and he's always willing to help. At the least he can give you a rational explanation for what's happened, but maybe, just maybe your fragile mortal coil is playing host to a legion of the damned.

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