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Ginny Gilman

Occupation: Dumpster diver? Slumming hipster? Does she even work?
Apparent Age: Mid 20s.
RP Hooks
  • Do you dig around in dumpsters? So does Ginny.
  • Like dogs? Hate dogs? Ginny's got a big, ugly dog she sometimes walks.
Physical Description

She's tiny. At only 5'2", if that, Ginny's stature is her most noteworthy characteristic. She's somewhere in the middle of her twenties, her features losing the softness of youth. Her build is weedy and awkward, bony limbs combined with shoulders that are a little too wide and a chest that's a little too flat. The trend continues with her face: it's just a tiny bit too long, her nose larger and her lips thinner than she would probably like. She's not bad looking, but the subtle imperfections add up.

Her skin's on the darker side of Caucasian, either from ancestry, time in the sun, or both. She wears no makeup, but long lashes accentuate her brown eyes, set beneath thick eyebrows. Surrounding her face are untidy waves of brown hair, left to wind their way freely down to between her shoulder blades.

As for clothing, either she's been scavenging for her bohemian chic apparel or is endeavoring to look like she has, because nothing she wears fits her very well or looks entirely new. A loose floral print sundress covers most of her body, the bottom crudely hemmed up and a couple stains marring the fabric. Over this, she's donned a long gray cardigan with a hood, several sizes too large and cinched at the waist with an unraveling tie. Her feet bear an uninteresting pair of flip flops.