Golden Dragon/Places

From Masq

Romantic Table:
A small table for two, with a romantic red candle in a small glass candle holder. It's tucked into a corner away from the other tables, perhaps to spare other customers from the PDA which may occur there.

Dimly lit Booth:
This booth is dimly lit because the lightbulb of the lantern above is flickering and failing. Instant mood lighting!

Lotus Table:
Someone with a sharpie drew on this table a long time ago -- but the graffiti is surprisingly lovely. An intricate repeating pattern has been marked along the entire edge of the table like a border, with lotus flowers drawn to embellish each corner.

Window Booth:
A large booth, set close to the window facing the street. It is the duty of anyone sitting here to look like they're really enjoying their food, thereby luring in new customers from outside.

Round Table:
A round table in the center of the room, ready to seat a large party. A lazy susan is placed in the middle of the table, ready to spin around that family-style feast so that everyone can partake.