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Name: Gustavo de Lara

Nationality: Santa Fe, New Mexico
Occupation: Detective, APD (OCVD)
Demeanor: Justice-oriented
Apparent Age: 30

Nickname: Oso

"Tony! Good to see you again, man. You get a crew together that isn't a Sopranos cast off yet? You'll never be the little time the way you're going, 'mano."
Detective Gustavo de Lara to Anthony

"Insert witty quote."
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RP Hooks
  • Former U.S. Marine! Served from 1996-2005 in the 3rd Recon Battalion, 3rd MEU as a Force Recon Marine. Retired as a Gunnery Sergeant (E-7) Did several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Cop! Spent 3 yrs in the Warzone as a patrolman, known for being firm and fair, but unrelenting.
  • Detective! Currently a new detective in the APD OCVD, the Organized Crime and Vice Division.
  • Fame! In 2005 received the Navy Cross for actions in Afghanistan when his team was ambushed. (The nation's second highest award for valor.)
  • Gotta keep this buff! Gustavo loves to run, work out, throw himself out of perfectly good airplanes, shoot, and climb.
  • Translator! Gustavo speaks Spanish and the Arabic subset of languages.
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

This man is tall - close to six foot three, and about as wide as a double-wide trailer. His skin has the not so subtle olive hue of the Spanish heritage that his dark black hair also indicates. His hair is cut short - almost whitewalls on the sides, and perhaps a quarter inch on the top, if that. His face, hands and neck are all tanned a leathery hue, as if he's spent most of his life out of doors. His entire frame is massive - no 'XL' shirt for this guy - down to his thick thighs and long legs and back to his barrel chest. His jaw is squareish, his eyebrows dark slashes across his forehead. His eyes are a faint green, and he seems to wear no particular jewelry.

He wears what must be a 4X Arizona Cardinals jersey, a deep red with '13' as the number and 'Oso' on the back. The jersey falls over his hips, obscuring from time to time the heavy, large semiautomatic handgun on his right hip, two spare magazines on his right in pouches, along with a small Maglite, radio, and handcuff pouch, along with a radio and folding knife/Leatherman sheath. His jeans are well worn and comfortable and fall over heavy steel-toed boots, broken in enough to let you run in them. On his left, front hip a detective's badge can be seen. The clothing is loose, but not loose enough to hide the heavy musculature under it. Aside from his watch (Traser 6600 Type-6, a Special Forces-style military time piece) he wears no other accessories. When outside, sunglasses cover his eyes. His hands are calloused, like an outdoorsman, or someone who has used them for a hard career up until this point. Under the jersey but over the shirt underneath sometimes a ballistic vest can be seen..

  • [So Bad] Eminem
  • [Veteran] Doomtree
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Allies and Contacts
Insert Witty remark. Richard Starke, APD Captain Insert Witty remark. Major Lee Irvin, USMC 3rd MEU, CO 3rd BTN, MARSOC Insert Witty remark. Insert another witty remark. Last bit of wittyness.