Highland Park Parking Lot/Places

From Masq

The community center:
This squat building is actually surprisingly spacious. Large rooms within are used for various classes, such as yoga, belly dancing, ballet, martial arts, etc. The neighborhood association meets here every month. Raffles, bingo games, and bake sales keep the community center in good shape.

The basketball court:
The new basketball court sits over the section of ground once housing the ill-fated pool. Vigorous bouncing and slam-dunking has already forced some hairline cracks onto the pavement. The basketball court sees a lot of use during the day. At night, it is illuminated by a single strobe light.

The restroom facilities:
This nondescript building houses the park's restroom facilities. Smelling vaguely of mildew and Tilex, the restrooms appear to be rather creepy. Little children often beg their parents to accompany them within the darkened interior.