Inazuma Sushi/Places

From Masq

Sushi Bar:
The long sushi bar is lit brighter than the tables -- it's a long counter, with a short glass window about a foot tall separating the customers from the sushi preparation on the other side. The sushi chefs love to chat up the customers and sometimes tease and banter with them... and if they're judging your sushi etiquette, they don't do it out loud. Regular customers might find they get some nigiri or a hand roll on the house now and then, and this is the best place to ask which fish is the freshest and best today.

Table by the Koi Pond:
The most coveted table in the restaurant is the one closest to the fish pond and its waterfall. The peaceful fish are in easy view here, and often drift hopefully to the surface of the water, searching for food. A quiet, understated sign at the pond's edge asks visitors to refrain from feeding the koi or tossing coins in their pool.

Large Group Table:
This large table is somewhat separated from the others, placed at the back of the restaurant to keep the noise of boisterous loud groups from disturbing the other tables. A grilling platform is built into the table's surface, for special cooked-before-your-eyes sizzling entrees. The special entrees always involve a bit of showmanship, knives and fire, that sort of thing, but no one has died yet. You could be the first!

Window Table:
A generous table near the window offers a view of the outside world. This part of Montgomery Boulevard is a pleasant and aesthetically appealing part of the city, with enough foot traffic to make for great people-watching as pedestrians shop and walk past Inazuma.

Small Table:
A quiet table for two, just the right place for a private conversation. Waitresses are attentive to this table, but they have a sharp and perceptive eye for when to stay away and let the customers discuss matters without interference.