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Tucked away in the heart of Downtown, the Civic Plaza contains City Hall and various State, City, and Federal offices, including a County Courthouse which was built in the late 1990s. The few modest and charming older houses tucked away on First, Second, and Third streets have survived to be re-used as offices serving the Civic Plaza. Considerable expansion in the last few years has led to a plethora of legal and consulting firms, which cluster around the Federal buildings. Parking lots, restaurants, and a few boutiques clearly cater to the young urban professionals who populate this area.

In contrast to the bustle of the Plaza, a cemetery lines the southern side of the road, beginning at the eastern end and running about halfway down the block. A low stone wall surmounted by a wrought iron fence partially obscures the view of the open space; a casual look reveals only the cropped forms of obelisks, angels, and mausoleums.

Places of Note
  • Lazarus Cemetery
    • The final resting place of most of Albuquerque's residents, St. Lazarus Cemetery also contains a variety of interesting gravestones and tombs which draw students of art and architecture.
  • Civic Plaza
    • The Civic Plaza houses City Hall, where various offices of city officials, including the Mayor and City Council members, can be found. It also contains the offices of the District Attorney, the new County courthouse, and the Federal building.
  • Plaza Parking Garage
    • Parking garage for the Civic Plaza
Notable Events

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