From Masq
Name: Jen Cholla

Nationality: Native American Mixed
Occupation: Vagabond
Demeanor: Child
Apparent Age: Late Teens to Early Twenties

Nickname: Cholla

  • Blank Stare*
RP Hooks
  • Are you an annoying social worker? Psychologist? Cop? Concerned Citizen?
  • Do you like hiking?
A Glimpse Within
Jen comic.jpg
Physical Description

This woman is approximately five and a half feet tall with a dusky complexion. Her mahogany-brown hair parts in the middle before hanging in loose waves to the small of her back. She has a somewhat long face with what seem to be Native American features - like high cheekbones and a firm chin. Her eyes are wood brown and framed by thick, dark lashes. Her lips are rather slender - though not unattractively so. There is no visible make-up anywhere on her face.

Her figure is very lean - with just enough curves to identify her as a young woman. The 'grunge' era may be over, but apparently someone apparently didn't get the memo. A red and black flannel shirt hangs loosely around her torso but remains open in the front. Under it is a faded black t-shirt. The button-fly jeans she wears are also faded but were likely once dark blue. The denim has been ripped through around the knees. She wears a pair of beaten up Nikes which were probably once white.


People She's Met
Vic Nice stranger from the street who dislikes apples. Roshanara Not so unknown, but maybe even stranger than I.