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Deep in the heart of the historic Downtown district, this area of Second Street buzzes with activity, even at night. Restaurants and boutiques, many of which cater exclusively to rushed corporate professionals, vie for space with the industrial monoliths to the south. The most impressive building in view is undoubtedly the historic hotel known as La Posada de Albuquerque. When it opened in 1939 as the Albuquerque Hilton, it was the tallest building in New Mexico; restored to its former glory during the 1980s, it rises impressively into the skyline, a testament to the revitalization of Downtown.

To offset the glass, chrome, and steel of modern construction, the wide street is lined with trees which provide shade and a splash of color. More greenery lies to the west, where the edge of St. Lazarus cemetery can be seen, dotted with headstones and monuments. Access to the cemetery from Second Street can be obtained through Mather and Lumley Funeral Home.

Places of Note
  • Mather and Lumley Funeral Home
    • Mather and Lumley Funeral Home serves all of Albuquerque post-mortem needs. The Funeral Home, located on Second Street in the heart of Downtown, is always hiring morticians, groundskeepers, and embalmers.
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