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This section of Downtown houses mostly commercial buildings and small offices. There are few remaining traditional buildings, as most have been razed to make way for new development. An engineering firm to the south is one of the last brick structures left on the street, its plain red facade unimpressive but staunchly solid. Most of the newer structures are purely functional, their lines hard and their motifs of the steel and chrome variety.

To the north looms the great megalith of the Albuquerque Police Department. A large, fairly ominous structure at night, during the day, it actually seems rather pleasant. The precinct's busy parking lot, as well as the impound lot, are nestled right up against the APD building. The presence of the APD helps keeps this area of Central Ave. free from the kind of deterioration common to many urban downtown areas.

Places of Note
  • APD Parking
    • Police Parking
  • 1st Precinct
    • The Albuquerque Police Department's First Precinct is located in the heart of Downtown, along historic Central Avenue.
Notable Events

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