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University District
The central part of the grid on Masquerade is dominated by the University District, with its campus buildings, dormitories, lower cost apartments, and businesses and restaurants catering to the student and teacher crowd.
The Warzone
Over the years the Southeast Heights neighborhood has been racked by urban decay, violence, and crime. Gangs rule the streets, and their constant feuding has caused this neighborhood to be known as The Warzone. If you're in the 'Zone, you're fair game, so watch your back.
These areas are affected by urban blight, but have not yet been taken over by the Warzone. There are urban renewal projects going on in some of these places, especially X2 where the presence of the Casino at the Fairgrounds is bringing new money into the neighborhood.
Commercial and shopping developments run all along Montano and Montgomery, but give way in places to residential developments and the occasional warehouse for light manufacturing.
Cadet Blue:
High End Commercial/Shopping
This is the core of the city's commercial district, where high rises and skyscrapers glittering in glass and steel are the norm. This area is home to the First Bank of New Mexico, as well as Pinnacle Towers-- a luxury skyscraper filled with both high profile offices, and high Resource suites.
Deep Pink:
Downtown, west of the University District, is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Albuquerque, and grew out of Old Town, which is the oldest. This is home to the city's civic centers, such as the courthouse, APD headquarters, and a federal office building. There is also shopping galore, and Downtown thrives on tourist traffic.
Old Town
Old Town is the historic district, located where the city was first founded in 1706. It is a heavy shopping district, and is full of tourists seeing the city's sights and prowling through the boutiques and specialty stores for that perfect buy. Old Town is easily the artistic heart of the city.
Middle Class Residential
The area on North University before hitting the Montano/Montgomery Commercial District has many rustic upper middle class homes. Central, east of University, (R1 - U1) is home to the Nob Hill residential neighborhood, which also has many fine residential opportunities. Both of these tend toward townhouses, but there would also be a few higher priced detached dwellings.
Lower Class Residential
Menaul Boulevard is dominated by lower income housing as well as various warehouses. This has spilled out over the years to the northern section of Second Street between the Montano Road shopping district and the Hospital area. Technically most parts of the War Zone are also lower class residential.
Saddle Brown:
Hospital District
This part of town-- on central Second Street and Lomas Avenue just west of University-- are dominated by the University Hospital and its satellite offices, as well as other medical professionals and specialists that make their offices in the area.
Everything Else!
Our grid has a variety of different neighborhoods and attitudes, and not all of them fit in neat categories. The northeastern and western parts of the city are outskirts of the urban core, and can contain homes or business. Some are smaller, but on others private drives give way to palatial estates.