Morgan and Knodds Psychiatry

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The traffic and lights of Lomas Avenue pour in from the large row of windows across from the door. These windows take up almost the entire back wall. Each window has fashionable canvas drapes adorning it, lending a subdued cast to the light that pours in. Dark wood floors flow throughout along with a mix of pristine white walls and clear sound proofed glass walls that separate the spaces into individual areas.

The room is split up into four parts; the reception area to the front with two smaller private offices toward the back. These frame a comfortable conversation area. Surrounding the reception desk are a few comfortable chairs. The overall style is modern with wood accents and black leather furniture throughout.

General Information

Address: Lomas Blvd: 100 West in the Sunrise Office Suites.

Morgan and Knodds is a private practice that is dedicated to providing mental health counseling and therapy services to individuals, couples and groups with a specialized focus on social issues and therapy for victims of violent or traumatic crime. We foster a warm atmosphere of inclusion where all are welcome.

It is possible to regain control of your life. Reaching out for help is the first step toward feeling better. Call today for a free phone consultation to decide if our office is a good match for you. Our number is (to be put in).

The Employees
Yes. The red head is a Psychologist.
Dr. Wren Morgan
The Doctor: Morgan actually does studies on criminal behavior and as an extension offers treatment to anyone who has been a victim of them. She'll also take in a wide range of other clients; one has to pay the bills.
My, isn't he handsome? Too bad he's married.
Dr. Murphy Knodds
The Sr. Doctor: Knodds specializes in victims who have suffered from physical trauma as a result of a violent crime. Like Morgan, he also treats a wide range of other patients. He too has bills to pay.
Need an appointment? She's the one you talk to. Need to see a Doc? She's the one you talk to. Need to tell your life story? She doesn't want to hear it.
Mrs. Susanne Rhines
The Receptionist: Every office has them, can't function without them. This woman deserves the best secretary ever award. The patient load is shared between Knodds and Morgan; this woman makes sure that when one Doc can't see a patient, the other can.