Murder of Crows/Places

From Masq

The bar in the center:
Just to the left of center of the room, this large circular bar is always busy. Glasses hang from the rack that descends from the ceiling and bottles are placed on various shelves.

A small table:
This small table is surrounded by just a few chairs. There's little to draw attention to it.

The large oval "collage" table:
The surface of this large oval table is covered with a glued-on collage of postcards, posters, and photographs. People have written their own messages over the various postcards. No postcard depicting Albuquerque's tourist attractions has been spared this treatment. The management seems to have lacquered the table and kept the motif going, without allowing further defacing.

The bar on the right:
The bar to the right of the room seems to be the place to just sit. Most people here never seem to leave to dance and just consume the liquid that is placed in front of them.

The round table by the dance floor:
Thirsty people taking a break from shaking their booty on the dance floor tend to populate this round table, leaving spilled liquid of all kinds around the area. Occasionally, a really inspired dancer will blindly slam into the table and send it crashing. Much to the dismay of whoever seems to sit there.

The trendy square table by the door:
It's hip to be square, the story goes. This particular table seems to attract all the trendy Goth types. It might be the wrought-iron latticework on the table and chairs or just the fact that it is close enough to the door to allow for a quick stop before getting swept up into the dancing.

The bar on the left:
This bar is surrounded by a cluster of bar stools upholstered in black leather. The bar serves as a way station between the dancing mob and the main bar.

The romantic table in the corner:
This romantic table is meant for two, and barely leaves room for that. Placed under the stairs that lead up, it allows for a view of the whole room except for those heading up the stairs themselves and the door.

A private table in the back:
This private table in the back of the room is tucked back away from most of the noise and busy bodies on the dance floor. The table is positioned just right so as to afford a view of everyone that enters. A card placed in the center labels it as "Reserved".