Murder of Crows/Views

From Masq

The Security:
Placed in front of the door is a metal detector set up so it is impossible to enter without passing through it. One large security guard is stationed by the door to make sure there are no problems and supervise things. He has a portable scanner to use as well in the case of keys or something else triggering the detector. No one will be allowed in carrying a weapon except law enforcement officers with proper ID. There is one bouncer by each bar and one bouncer at the base of the stairs. Four bouncers mill around the establishment at any given time. There are also security cameras in plain sight able to cover the entire club. Anyone wishing to start trouble or smuggle a weapon in can contact staff. Non-metal weapons will obviously not set off the detector.

A note about weapons: There's no actual code checking inventory and preventing anyone from coming in with a gun, knife, etc. so please police yourselves. Thanks.

Upstairs Information:
The stairs leading up are roped off with one of those thick velvet ropes. A bouncer would politely stop anyone from going up, explaining it is for private parties or invited guests only. If you wish to rent the party room for a prom, graduation, sweet sixteen or other function, please contact the club's staff.

The Bouncers:
Bouncers are all around the room, dressed in black jeans, and black shirts. The front left breast holds white writing that states "STAFF", the back of the shirts have a bright white moon with a black crow in it. The men will NOT hesitate to throw someone out for getting frisky with staff, or if an argument breaks out. They will not allow fighting, scuffling, or any sort of "domestic dispute" to happen here. Thank you.

The Bartenders and Waitstaff:
They all wear black jeans, and royal purple t-shirts. The left front breast holds white lettering stating "STAFF". The back holds a bright white moon, with a black crow in it. There are three bartenders and anywhere from 3-5 waitstaff to get drinks delivered to the tables.

Legal Information:
The staff here have been instructed to fully cooperate with the police. The bartenders -will not- sell drinks to minors. The staff is generally pleasant when possible, polite but firm when they must. If they must, they will call the police to have someone removed from the premises. They will also call the police if they witness any laws being broken. This includes drug use. Please contact staff if you want to try anything unusual. In all other cases, you are welcome to pose staff as acting appropriately for their position.

Weekly Schedule:
The music played on a regular basis is typical -dance- music. One can request a song, but no mosh pits will be allowed. If one begins to encourage a mosh type atmosphere it is safe to assume that the bouncers break it up. There are certain nights of the week set aside for "themes" these run from 5pm to 1 am and are the following:

Mondays: Techno - Half price sodas with UNM ID
Wednesdays: Swing/Big Band - $1.00 off wings all night
Thursdays: Classic Rock
Sundays: Jazz