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mutter <player>=<text>
mutter/tt <player>=<text>
mutter/place <place number>=<text>

The first form of this command behaves identically to "whisper", except that the other players in the room will see that you have said something. A regular message, or part of a pose enclosed in "quotes", will have some of its words or groups of words replaced by "..." If you enclose a phrase with <angle brackets>, it will be preserved. Poses without "quotes" will simply show that you have muttered something.

The second form of this command behaves like the first, except that instead of the entire room hearing the mutter, only people at a place will do so. If you are at a place, those at your place will hear the mutter; if you are not, and the target is, those at that place will hear the mutter. If neither of you are at a place, an error message will be generated.

The final version of this command allows everyone at a place to hear the message in full, while the rest of the room hears the mutter.

For example:

> mutter Bo=Can you loan me thirty bucks? I'm broke!
Daisy mutters to Bo, "Can... loan... thirty... broke!"

> mutter Luke=:frowns. "What a <cheapskate> he is!" She shrugs.
Daisy frowns. She mutters to Luke, "What... cheapskate..." She shrugs.

> mutter/place 1=:chuckles. "Thank you very much."
Jesse chuckles. He mutters to the long, mahogany bar, "Thank you..."

> mutter/tt Rosco=We're gonna get those Duke boys!
At the bar, Boss Hogg mutters to Rosco, "We're... boys!"

See also +help mutterfn