New Gifts & Rites

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New Gifts & Rites

We are allowing (and encouraging) people to create new Gifts and Rites! It's cool and you'll also earn renown! It's win/win!

The following gifts and rites have been OOCly written, and ICly created by PCs. Shifters who are curious which were developed by whom are welcome to ask staff!

New Gifts
Corax Gift: Twitter (Level 1)

Morse is a cool old gift. But times have changed, technology has advanced, and so on. Refinement is an ongoing process and Corax never are one to fall behind on communications technology. Morse can be replaced with a new gift: Twitter. Twitter works exactly like Morse except that you don't have to know Morse code to interpret. Functionally, the Corax follows the same rules as Morse, but the special effect becomes a text message that your brain receives, instantly, from another Corax. Limited to 140 characters like its namesake, of course. It also applies a cute sound effect that varies from person to person, ranging from the infamous ICQ 'uh oh!' to AIM. It's rarely the same twice.
System: After spending a Gnosis (and succeeding on a Wits + Empathy roll, difficulty 8), the enactor beams their "Tweet" to the nearest Corax! Tweet, tweet!
Taught by: Net-Spider

New Rites
Rite of Harmony (Level 1)

By recalling moments of strength and brotherhood that cross species lines and telling tales of good and valorous works between races, the ritespeaker calls to local spirits of peace and harmony, charging them to influence the area and enhance the calm and good will of those nearby. Rivalries may be set aside, enemies might calm enough to share space together, and people may remain calm enough to work through problems and disputes without anger destroying the effort.

System: The ritespeaker spends 1 Gnosis and rolls Wits+Rituals=7, on a success the difficulty of all rolls relating to anger or fear (rage, frenzy, etc,) is reduced by 1 for the scene.

Rite of the Sealed Secret (Level 2)

This rite must be undertaken voluntarily by both parties; it can be presented as the alternative to more intrusive forms of trying to be sure a secret is kept, but not to harm. For example, a choice of this or living where the person can be observed would be acceptable, but 'this or death' or 'this or we remove your tongue' are the kind of coercion that will render the rite ineffective.

The swearer writes out the secret and his or her promise not to share it in ink, on a piece of paper which must be either handmade or at least 100 years old. Both the swearer and the sealkeeper must sign at the bottom, and one of them must add the date. Then a drop of blood of each is mingled, and each dips his or her finger into the mingled blood and puts his or her fingerprint overlapping the date, with the sealkeeper's fingerprint also overlapping part of the swearer's. The sealkeeper pours a point of Gnosis into the document, and then sets it alight from the top edge. If the rite has taken, the fire will go out just above the signatures, leaving that portion unburnt. From then on, the swearer can speak of the secret only to those the sealkeeper would approve; otherwise, the swearer finds the words and concepts fleeing his or her mind when any attempt to share them with others is made -- whether the attempt is voluntary, mystically or mundanely compelled, or even entirely involuntary (such as telepathic intrusion). Regardless of the cause, the sealkeeper will then hear a papery rustling noise, like a whisper, from wherever the contract is being kept, and a small tear will appear in the paper. The rite can be cancelled only by intentionally burning the remaining slip of paper. (It is mystically immune to accidental burning; however, anyone can burn it intentionally, and needn't be aware of what it represents to do so.)

System: This is a Mystic rite; therefore, the roll is Wits+Rituals vs 7.

Rite of Bonding (Level 2)

The rite may be performed on one's self and a friend, but must be voluntary on both sides. A few drops of blood from either person are mingled on a piece of hematite or rose quartz, and the ritespeaker infuses the mixture with a point of Gnosis. One of the pair to be bound must make, in any language, some verbal agreement to the rite while touching a drop of the mixed blood to the other's heart and brow, some oath of friendship or love. The other person must do the same, making some pledge in any language while anointing the other's heart and brow.

Until the bond is ended, the pair enjoy knowing a general direction in which to find each other, and a general idea of each other's state of being and mood; such as generally happy and doing well, or scared and possibly hurt.

A person can have only one other person bound to them at a time, else there would be possibly maddening confusion. Specific details about the other person can not be gained, only a general feeling of health and emotional state. To end the bond, the ritual must be repeated, with an agreement to end the bond instead, and a new bond can not be created with another person until the previous is properly ended.

System: The ritespeaker spends one Gnosis and rolls Wits+Rituals=7