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Name: Nico

Full Name: Nicolas D'Elia
Nationality: Italian-American
Occupation: Good Question.
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Apparent Age: 29

Nickname: Nico, Nicky

"Six feet of earth makes us all equal."
Italian Proverb
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

He's a handsome young man, somewhere in his late twenties, and someone that takes care of his appearance. His black hair is parted to one side, longer on top before fading to a closer cut; his bangs are styled to be ruffled as they rest over his forehead. The color of his eyes is a dark, dark brown almost matching the thick eyebrows above them. His jaw is squared, so is his chin, and a slightly prominent brow make for strong features; a slight olive cast to his skin implies something other than just Caucasian in his background. Overall his build is solid and muscled, but he carries himself as someone that's used to utilizing it rather than just lifting weights to get it.

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