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Name: Noah O'Bannon

Nationality: Irish
Occupation: Homeless
Demeanor: Odd?
Apparent Age: Early 30s

Nickname: The Mummy

"I ain' doin' nuffin'!"
Noah, to anyone saying his name

"I ain' no bloody mummy. You evah see a mummy strut like this?"
"Oy! If'n Ace Bandage goes outta biz? Let 'em know it's cuz da O'Bannon ain' sportin' them no more."
RP Hooks
  • You live on the street? You might have shared a dumpster with him.
  • The street peeps know of Noah. He's an info hound. He may be an info dump for you.
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

The man before you stands a few inches shorter than six feet, and his appearance is that of a man in his prime. His skin is average caucasian of black hair with a receeding hairline. His eyes are bloodspotted around a color of deep blue underneath a set of evidant black eyebrows. His figure is rugged, muscular and naturally lithe perhaps showing signs of physical ability. His facial features are angular, with a chiseled jaw hosting a rugged beard that shows signs of continued growth.

He wears an assortment of greys and blacks today. A black t-shirt pokes underneath a thin grey hoodie that is zipped up to a bit above the sternum showing the shirt underneath, that is also worn underneath a black trench coat. A pair of black denim pants are worn with a belt wrapped around his waist, and a pair of relatively new but stained boots. An urban appearance overall.


  • [link Name of song] Name of band
  • [link Name of song] Name of band

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  • [link Name of song] Name of band

  • [link Name of song] Name of band
  • [link Name of song] Name of band

Allies and Contacts
I ain' sayin' nuffin'.