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Name: Podraig O'Neill

Nationality: Irish
Occupation: Priest
Demeanor: Celebrant
Apparent Age: Mid fifties

Nickname: Paddy or Padre

"Oh they WILL be punished for their sins, my child."
Podraig O'Neill

"Do you ever buy a drink for yourself Father?"
Sean at the Three Fools
RP Hooks
  • Religious, curious or just like the architecture? Pop down to San Felipe de Neri to seek your salvation.
  • Irish, a cop or a drunk? Paddy drinks at the Three Fools Tavern (when somebody else is buying).
  • Time on your hands? Come and volunteer on the many community programmes. Meet new friends and save the world.
  • Like your music? So does Paddy, you can often find him at local live music venues.
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Podraig is a commanding gentleman in his early fifties. He stands just over six feet tall, though carries a small paunch around his waist suitable for a man of his age. A well trimmed beard and moustache, now grey though perhaps before its time, frame his jaw making his skin appear slightly darker than it perhaps may be. Thick brown hair with a hint of grey covers his head. It is swept back and maybe a little greasy, but otherwise looks well groomed. Currently Podraig appears quite cheerful. The warm smile fills his friendly face, deepening the rough lines around the corners of his eyes.

Podraig is smartly dressed all in black, his suit jacket perhaps a little tight around the waist, but he wears it unfastened. His black shirt is now an aged dark grey, with a strange high collar adjusted to hold the white 'dog-collar' of a priest.

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Allies and Contacts
My young protege and I
Back in my muso days in Dublin