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Prophet is primarily a coding wizard on Masquerade. He's probably not your best go-to guy for judging supernatural scenes, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

His areas of interest are mortals involved in the Crime sphere, Police sphere, and weapon-related requests. He's also good to talk to if you find bugs or other bits of code that need fixing.

If you have any requests, feel free to let him know!

He is a member of the "Code" global mailing alias as well.

                 @}-,--'----  MASQUERADE PLAYER  ----,--'-{@                  
Name: Prophet             Alias: P        Last on:  CONNECTED (Idle: 0s)      
Age: 2006                 Gender: Male    First on: Tue Dec 29 2010 
Location: The Prophet's Realm #2181
Full Name: The Prophet
Position: Code Wizard, Crime boss, and part-time judge.
Demeanor: Diplomat
Online times: Around and about.

Notes: I might be dark sometimes, but I'm one of the people you can page in 
the dark and won't bother so page away! I'll also respond to TimeStops if you 
drop them and I'm dark. I can help with basic mortal approvals and most run of 
the mill judging. Freaky super stuff is better left to the spheres, but don't 
be afraid to ask.