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The Nob Hill neighborhood to the north offers up a variety of entertainment and shopping along Central Avenue, once known as historic Route 66. Drive-in movie theatres and diners once dotted this streetscape, along with service stations, car dealerships, and motels. As one moves south on Richmond Drive, away from the eclectic and funky stores and boutiques, one enters a small, quiet, mostly-residential neighborhood bordering the area known as the "student slums."

The houses here are nice and well-kept, without being too ostentatious. Many are home to academic types lured by the relatively inexpensive real estate coupled with the convenient location. Mature cottonwoods, elms, and pinon trees line the broad sidewalk of this older area of town. Many of the houses are done in the traditional flat-roof Pueblo-Revival style, with adobe-like painting schemes. The atmosphere in the neighborhood is quiet and somnolent, quite a contrast to the more frenetic pace to the north.

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