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Radcliffe's is located inside the Albuquerque Sands Casino, Central Avenue: 500 West -- Albuquerque


Leaving the bustle of the casino behind, Radcliffe's has a more refined atmosphere without being elitist. Just inside the entrance is a bar with comfortable seating for about 20 at small tables and along the bar with wooden screens painted white and highlighted with gilt separating it from the main restaurant. At the other side of the screen are about 40 tables of varying sizes enabling the restaurant to cater for events as well as intimate meals for two. The table linen is immaculately white, the silverware sparkling and the only hint of colour coming in a rim of gold around each piece of china.

The waiting staff are dressed in classic black and white, their manner more accessible than 5 star but certainly less friendly than the local diner. The menu is likewise made up of good food, well cooked without being trendy or flashy. This restaurant is a venue for tourists, casino patrons and those who enjoy the unfussy atmosphere.