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Name: Rileanne "Riley" Gilmartin

Nationality: Italian/Scottish
Occupation: Musician
Demeanor: Loner
Apparent Age: 22

Nickname: Riley or Ri

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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Is that a pixie you see? Well,okay, maybe not a pixie but a really short person! The woman before you is lucky if she tops out at 5'3" and who knows what her weight is soaking wet! Unlike the fairy she could sometimes be compared to, this little lady is not the slender little twig of fairy tales. No, she has the figure of a dancer with the muscle tone to go with it. And with the grace with which she moves, she most likely has at least some experience in that field. Honey brown hair with hints of red and ginger frame an oval face, the bangs brushing her eyebrows before lengthening and framing her cheeks, a pair of white gold mini hoops glinting in the light. The rest of the hair is currently flipped up off of her neck, and held in place with a clip, creating a feathered look, a slim braid on either side of her head pulled into the clip as well. From beneath those bangs, eyes of grey with a few pinpricks of blue take in her surroundings, alert, and yet wary. The dark black eyeliner and smudged black shadow not only make those eyes pop, but make her already light complexion a little paler, save for the light blush to her cheeks, all natural of course. Glossy, pale pink lips are set in a neutral pout, as if something is weighing on her mind. Her clothes were not what you could call outlandish, but they were definitely different. At the moment, she is wearing a long sleeved dark blue shirt that hugs her upper body, a black denim jacket over top if she is outside or cold. Her bottom half consists of black leggings, tucked into black combat boots that reach to mid calf. But does it stop there? Nope. She also has on what looks to be a black and blue striped skirt that goes about to mid thigh. Over her shoulder is a black violin case with straps like a back pack attached to it.

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