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  This entire section of the Zoo is devoted to the elusive and beautiful wolf, a powerful and mysterious predator which conjures up images of wild places and dark corners that man does not fully control. The Mexican gray wolf or "lobo," the only sub-species of wolf indigenous to the Southwestern Deserts, has been hunted into near-extinction after reduction of its natural prey led to attacks on domestic livestock. Fortunately, the Mexican lobo is making a comeback. Captive-breeding programs, including one at this very Zoo, have enabled environmentalists to reintroduce this unique wolf into the forested high country around the central part of the Arizona and New Mexico border.
  The custom-built habitat of the small pack of gray wolves who reside within Lobo Woods is truly enormous. Visitors sometimes complain that they can't see the animals inside their huge enclosure, which makes a glimpse of one of these shy animals all the more special. The gray lobo has a tendency to look lean and rangy, somewhat like a coyote, but it is larger and carries its tail high rather than low. Occasionally, a mournful howl or a startled yelp will break the silence of the habitat.

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