Rio Grande Zoo - Main Plaza/Description

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The Rio Grande Zoo — Main Plaza — Dayzone — Albuquerque

  At the Rio Grande Zoo, rocky outcrops, grassy meadows, towering cottonwoods, shimmering waterfalls, and tranquil pools create an oasis for exotic and native species. Visitors will come face-to-face with over a thousand animals of every shape and size, each one receiving the best of care every single day. Great effort has been made to make the animals comfortable and the habitats are large and well suited to the nature of the creatures within them.
  There are animals of all shapes and sizes here, from elephants, to bison, to snow leopards, to kangaroos, to alligators, to gazelles, to tropical birds. The World Animal Encounter show brings certain animals up close to the public twice daily during the summer. Children will especially enjoy the hands-on stations throughout the Zoo, where they will be able to do things like touch a mountain lion pelt, dig for fossils, and learn about animal health. Strollers, lockers and kennels are available for rental at visitor services on the main plaza. Free wheelchairs are available on request; the Zoo is fully handicapped-accessible.

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