Rise and Shine/Places

From Masq

A table:
A simple square dining table with two chairs on either side.

A corner booth:
This booth is in the back corner of the restaurant, away from the hustle and bustle. It's a favorite spot for students looking for the quietest place in the house to study or write.

The Lobo table:
This table is against the wall near the door to the kitchens. It's nicknamed the Lobo table because there is a variety of Lobos paraphernalia hanging on the wall above it, including football jerseys, a comical wolf poster, and a stick signed by the 2005 women's field hockey team.

The yellow booth:
This booth is upholstered in the same bright yellow used to paint Chuck, and a large sketch of him hangs on the wall over it, with an illegible signature with the words "UNM Art Department" beneath it. It's a pretty good likeness, but he looks suspiciously hungover, and his eyes are bloodshot.