Sandia Swimming Pool/Description

From Masq

Sandia Swimming Pool -- Dayzone -- Albuquerque

  Chlorine! You can smell it immediately upon entering the building -- a passive chemical scent instantly calling up memories of pool time. There is a small nominal fee for using the pool, and upon entering, one is confronted by a turnstile and a wooden counter. A quiet, sunburned teen in red swimwear takes the cash and meekly reminds visitors to please shower before entering the pool. A bulletin board near by offers water exercise classes as well as lifeguard training.
  The heated indoor pool is 25 meters long, with two diving boards -- one is 3 meters tall and the other is 1 meter tall. Nearby, a whirlpool tub is ready for visitors to relax and warm up. Outside the main pool building, there is a slightly smaller kidney-shaped pool and a great many lounge chairs where sun-worshippers can bask in nice weather. Planters surround the edges of the outdoor pool deck, adding some greenery and cheer, and a solid fence prevents outside viewers from looking in.

Obvious exits:
Eubank Blvd <O>