Serenity Garden/Description

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Serenity Self-Defense Academy -- Garden -- Albuquerque

 Around the exterior of the garden area is a tall brick wall that encloses the entire spreading vista. The top of the vine-covered, eight foot wall is capped by overlapping brown ceramic shingles that give a slightly Asian feel. At the heart of this vibrant space is a shallow brook that runs beneath a pair of bridges that connect to either end of a small island. Atop the water there are green lily pads and sparkling fish can be occasionally seen swimming amongst the water foliage. The island itself is actually a rock garden with two larger stones situated several feet apart with smaller stones arranged around them in crystal white sand. A small rack and long bamboo stick sits in a holder off to the side of the garden itself for drawing in and clearing out the sand.

 On the opposite side of the brook are several rest areas with carefully disguised mats that blend into the overall aesthetic design of the garden location. While there's no particular equipment, these areas are situated by the two changing rooms at either ends of the garden and connect to a half circle walk area that wraps around the exterior of the open 'yard'. Paths connect all of the sitting areas to provide a small walking zone of wood chips of the various small trees and plants that provide the green life that comprises most of this visually lush Zen garden. Plants of all types, most of them of a more colourful, though regionally accurate, choices. Several smaller animals have taken up residence in the garden, from chipmunks to squirrels, as if they have been chosen to bring a 'natural life' to the place.

 Over the top of most of the 'training' areas, as well as the rock garden, there are gazebo structures of the same wood as the bridges, but otherwise nothing keeps out the elements, sun, and moon light. In the evening the sounds of nature are vibrant and alive, adding to the calming nature of the design. At night, the moon sparkles across the crystal waters and sands of the garden, adding an almost otherworldly appeal to the lush yard.

Obvious exits:
Wooden Door <O>