From Masq

Pack/Group apps are encouraged when appropriate. However, all individual apps within the group must be able to function on their own.

The following merits/flaws are banned: Danger Sense, Fair Glabro, Fast Learner, Jack-of-All-Trades, Supernatural Companion, True Faith, Untameable.

For all shifter sphere characters, please page Fate or submit a concept (+concept Shifter=<The details of your concept>) prior to sending in your application. Staff will work closely with each applicant to ensure a speedy and stress-free application process.

Once your concept has been submitted, you may enter our automated Chargen to generate your basic starter +sheet. Please note that Merits and Flaws are not available in Chargen, so be sure to request them on the approval job which will get generated at the end of Chargen.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, your background will be reviewed within 24-48 hours.