From Masq
Name: Siobhan Murphy

Nationality: American
Occupation: Customer Service Rep
Demeanor: Rebel
Apparent Age: Early Twenties

Nickname: Von, Shy, Shay, Shade

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?
RP Hooks
  • Customer Service Rep for Chase Bank -- You have problems with your card, we can have phone RP.
  • Hacker -- If it's a computer, she can tell you it's story.
  • Fake Identification -- For a price
  • Lose something -- She can find it --- for a higher price
Siobhan/RP Logs
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Cherry-cola soda shaded hair is a strange mix of reddish purple that hangs around this woman's pale features. It has been flat-ironed straight and hangs with razor edges across her brow and layers down the side of her oval face and back. Her eyes are actually grey, but seem to pick up the colors of whatever she is wearing. Black lines her eyes in a heavy-handed fashion while false lashes add more dimension. Her lips are a clear glossy color. There is nothing stand out about her regular height or build, nor her clothing. A pair of denim shorts curve her legs and a light yellow t-shirt is just a shade too short. It shows off her pale abdomen where there is a skull and crossbones black navel ring. On her feet, a pair of wedge sandals.

Allies and Contacts