Spruce Park/Views

From Masq

The plants in the park are especially lush, despite the fact that many are low-water succulents, a tribute to well-executed urban Xeriscaping. Shrubs and wildflowers such as broom snakeweed, blazing star, prickly pear, purple nightshade, aster, black grama, sand dropseed, galleta, threeawn, blue grama, alkali sacaton, fluffgrass, winterfat, and mallow are among the other plants also found here, giving sections of the park a semi-natural state.

At dusk or at dawn, it is possible to have an animal encounter here, in this tiny semi-tamed oasis of greenery. The most common animals one might see are gophers, mice, kangaroo rats, ground squirrels, horned larks, sparrows, sparrow and cooper hawks, lizards, horned lizards, snakes, grasshoppers, praying mantises, carrion beetles, ants, and spiders.