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Louisiana Blvd. defines the eastern edge of the New Mexico State Fairgrounds, racetrack-side, connecting with Central Avenue to the south and Lomas Blvd. to the north. Whiffs of manure and softly irritable neighing from the horse stalls to the north lend a vaguely Victorian ambiance to the shadowy street, but the urban detritus of discarded beer cans and paper betting-slips speckling the pavement outside the heavily caged-in gates are a quick reminder of the all-too modern setting.

During the horse racing season, the roar of the crowd and the reverberating boom of announcements echoing through towering mounted speakers clearly visible on this side of the Fairgrounds are almost enough to drown out the distant sounds of gunfire from the Warzone. Off-season, the area is eerily silent. The uppermost tiers of the grandstand, visible through the coils of barbed-wire atop the enclosure wall, cast a vast circular shadow over the grimy street, leaving it in a kind of permanent, stagnant eclipse perfect for all kinds of lowlife.

Places of Note
  • Fairgrounds
    • Although fair time comes only in the fall, the New Mexico State Fairgrounds contain Tingley Coliseum, the largest concert venue in Albuquerque, as well as a casino and racetrack. Every weekend, a huge flea market enlivens the grounds, with rock bottom prices on a variety of items.
  • Gated Warehouse
  • Faded Warehouse
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