From Masq
Name: Xavier Maxwell

Nationality: English/Cree Indian
Occupation: Dancer
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Apparent Age: Mid-Teens

Nickname: X, Zee, Zav

"Sometimes life gives you lemons, and you make lemonade. Other times you pucker up your face and realize you're out of sugar."

"Rainbows are a vibrant display of imagination, dancing on the misty wake of a rain cloud's dream."

"Foolish are those that demand truth, when staring it in the face."

RP Hooks
  • Never gives a straight answer, to ANYTHING.
  • Wears simple street clothes with some rather expensive labels.
  • Can sometimes be found alone on the roof of public access buildings or simply on a street corner practicing/performing his dance moves. (Unusual mix of hip-hop, modern and classical)
  • He's a shorty at 5'5" tall
  • *GASP* That is NOT his natural hair color!
  • If I'm on, I'm usually RPable. Drop me a page if you want to scene.
Xavier/RP Logs
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description
An ethnically oblong face is beholden to features that might appear odd on someone with such pale blonde hair, but a closer look at the roots of his short, semi-shagged style might hint that the color comes from a bottle rather than being natural. Yet this cosmetic fix goes well with the slightly almond shaped bright blue eyes set into his head, the brows above arched neatly above with a degree of thickness that certainly leans towards the masculine without being bushy. His nose is aquiline with a smattering of freckles that spreads across the bridge and be-speckles just faintly over his cheekbones. Lips are found to be cupid's bow shaped. No taller than five foot five, this teenager's build is wiry, but with a distinctly toned musculature and way of movement that might suggest some sort of athletics such as gymnastics or dance. Clothing usually includes a pair of cargo pants, sneakers, shirt, beige courier bag and a simple hemp loop tie belt. Around his neck at all times is a crescent moon carved from bone, dangling from a cord of rawhide set with Native American bead-work.
  • [Made For You] OneRepublic
  • [Santigold] Shove It
  • [Conspiracy] Paramour
  • [Birthday] Taproot
  • [Paralyzer] Finger Eleven
  • [Complicated] Submersed
Allies and Contacts