Z8 -- Montgomery Blvd: 1200-1300 East

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Newly built housing competes with older buildings in this quiet middle-class neighborhood. Long rows of pinon trees brighten the streetscape, the grassy lawns of the many single-family homes healthy and not wanting for moisture. The sidewalks are wide and it seems that many people choose to walk or bicycle through the area. In turn, the traffic going through these parts seems to be very orderly and the air quality is quite good.

Nearby, to the west on Candelaria Road, Sandia High School can be found, near the La Palomita and Aztec neighborhood parks. A public school with about 2,000 students, Sandia High's prowess on the football field and basketball courts make it a formidable opponent for arch-rival Highland High. Just north of the school, the Sandia Public Swimming Pool attracts swimmers year-round.

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