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Name: Kaleo Makana

Nationality: American/Pacific Islander
Occupation: Street Scum Asshole
Demeanor: Traditionalist
Apparent Age: Really early twenties.

Nickname: Kal

RP Hooks
  • Brawler: He's a fighter; someone that big can't help it. And, maybe he'd do a little underground boxing or some fighting here and there on the side if someone paid him enough or if the reason was right.
  • Folklore: Something that interests Kaleo quite a bit is folklore from around the world. He's well-versed in island folk lore, but just about anything grabs his attention.
  • Music: Kaleo is a musician. He plays the steel guitar and sings. Sometimes, he even does it for cash. Not too many places play roots (Hawaiian reggae) around Albuquerque, but he can do traditional guitar and other songs just as well.
  • Drugs: Maybe he knows a guy who knows a guy.
  • Crime: A man's gotta live somehow.
  • Anything: I'm pretty easy going when it comes to just about anything. So, whatevs!
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

He's big. Probably almost half-way over six feet and he's got a heavy amount of muscle to him. Despite that, he seems more wiry than powerful, dextrous despite his size. Black eyes, black hair, dark skin -- he could be Mexican; except his accent exposes him as a Pacific Islander native. His hair hangs down to his chin, shaved underneath. He's clean-shaven with strong facial features: high cheekbones, sharp chin, strong jaw. His shoulders are broad and his upper body powerful, cutting a mean figure like a goddamn brick wall.

He's wearing casual clothing. A black Rancid band t-shirt clings to his body, the sleeves tight around his upper arms. The shirt reads, "Indestructible." This comes down to a pair of loose board shorts that are kept up with a black tether, showing off tattooed legs. They're black tattoos, done in a Maori fashion. All black, the ink pounded into scarred patterns that swirl over his calves and shins. His feet are clad in a pair of thick-soled skate shoes. His forearms bear tribal tattoos in a series of dots and dashes that march down his arms towards his wrists in an almost sleeve-pattern. On his left knuckles, he has the letters 'K,' 'A,' 'O,' and 'I' from forefinger to pinky. He doesn't wear jewelry, save for a necklace that's hidden under his shirt collar.


Allies and Contacts
Maya Wood
M. 'Gone now.' I had followed Maya around for a while. She was a good friend, better than any other I've had. Insert Witty remark. Insert another witty remark. Last bit of wittyness. Insert Witty remark. Insert another witty remark. Last bit of wittyness.